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Introducing our law firm

Introducing Our Company

At KJB International Aid, we strive to positively impact people's lives by providing practical, emotional, and informational support to those experiencing poverty, disadvantage, and social isolation. We firmly believe that everyone has the potential to achieve great things, regardless of their circumstances.

We understand that tough times can be overwhelming, so we're here to help. Our company tackles some of the most challenging issues facing communities today, including mental health problems, financial hardship, social isolation, disabilities, domestic abuse, discrimination, racial injustice, family issues, human rights violations, homelessness, migrants' struggles or consumer issues and challenges. We believe that people can overcome these difficulties with the right support and find hope for a brighter future.


At KJB International Aid, we are committed to helping you deal with life's challenges easily. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing support and advice in various areas. The most popular includes general citizens advice, support for migrant families, career counselling services, housing support, and social welfare assistance. We believe in transforming obstacles into opportunities and ensuring that everyone has the necessary resources to thrive.

Our Business Sectors



Dive into expert guidance for your family's journey. From marriage to inheritance, we're here to tackle challenges head-on. Get tailored solutions today!



Elevate your work experience! Challenges at work can impact your well-being. Our services address UK employment issues like unfair dismissal and discrimination. Take control of your career happiness today!



Transforming Housing: From neglected repairs to homelessness, we're here to make a difference. Count on us for efficient solutions and compassionate care.


Migrant Help

Ready to migrate to the UK? Our project offers specialised support for legal immigration, providing insights into the international job market and opportunities for overseas expansion. Let's make your move seamless and successful!


Social Welfare Benefits

Unlock social welfare benefits effortlessly! Our guides simplify eligibility and navigate post-Brexit changes for low-income, unemployed, or temporarily disabled individuals. Don't navigate alone—we've got your back.


Money Tips

Discover financial empowerment with our Money Tips sector! With KJB International Aid by your side, you can gain crucial insights, avoid pitfalls, and revolutionise your finances.



In an era of cunning tactics, our Customer Rights Sector specializes in counseling and advocating for consumers. From online scams to unfair prices, we ensure confidentiality and professionalism while delivering tailored solutions. Trust us to defend your rights and secure your satisfaction.



Uwaga Polonia! Zmiany po Brexicie dotykają nie tylko granic, ale i waszych praw. Od zatrudnienia po zasiłki, wszystko pod lupą. Nie znać nowych reguł to ryzyko! Nasz sektor Usługi dla Polaków w UK służy wsparciem i informacją. Pozostańmy świadomi, wspierajmy się wzajemnie!



Education is the gateway to the world's wisdom, shaping minds and molding futures. It's not just about books and classrooms; it's a journey that instills both knowledge and character. From formal schooling to personal mentors, we're here to illuminate the path of learning and empower generations to thrive



Ditch the dissatisfaction of working for others! Start your own business to pursue your passions and control your pace. But beware the challenges: stress, competition, and unexpected obstacles. Navigate the journey with confidence using our guidelines.


Complaints and Appeals

Feeling lost in the paperwork? Denied benefits or wrong decisions? Don't panic! KJB International Aid is here to help. Get expert support for your applications and appeals. Your rights matter, and we're here to ensure you get what you deserve. Reach out today for hassle-free assistance! 


Human Rights

Advocates for justice fuel progress in the ongoing struggle for human rights. We champion freedom, equality, and diversity, yet challenges like racism persist. At KJB International Aid, our experts are here to support you in upholding your rights.

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