KJB International Aid "Coaching" is a simple and effective method of personal development. Most likely, the Client and Coach constitute an agreement that aims to:

  • Personal development 

  • Professional development 

  • Improvement of operational efficiency 

  • Improvement of the Client's competencies, broadening his awareness, taking responsibility by the Client for the life he creates. 


It is a cooperation between a Coach and an individual Client or company to achieve the Client's business and personal life results by completing the set goals.


Life Coaching

It is a form of work on personal development. It is a process that helps the Client use resources to find ways to solve the difficulties experienced in life


Business Coaching

It is an area focused on expansion competencies useful in business and helping to find the best way to achieve business goals.



Career Coaching

It is the standard part between coaching and career planning and management. It aims to help people achieve job satisfaction and careers locally and globally.




Executive Coaching

Its goal is to develop the competencies and skills of the coached person and helps to discover and activate the internal potential for the implementation of organizational tasks and own aspirations.