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KJB International Aid "Consulting" - is an economic consulting department covering comprehensive preparation for conducting business activities. It is a consultancy in the field of formulating the rules of conduct of the company's management, constant in a given period, the use of which leads to the achievement of the company's goal.

Our consulting was born along with the development of management due to the demand for increased efficiency and more efficient planning of corporate strategies.

We work for various companies, on multiple projects and in many countries. It allows us to expand business contacts, which is why we have a significant advantage in the market.


In this department, we offer:

#1 Strategic Management

The dynamically changing environment of the organization on the global market means that choosing the right strategy is a binder connecting all areas and aspects of the company's operation and a critical factor in the organization's success. A given system is not effective in all situations and quickly becomes outdated. KJB International Aid uses   new development strategies that allow every company to achieve new goals. Besides, we do not have an ideal system because there is no particular and suitable solution for every situation. That is why the individual approach of our consultant to the problem is so crucial in strategic consulting. 

Our work in this area is focused on creating comprehensive development plans and their implementation. Our specialty, among others, is: conducting strategic analysis, developing a strategy, support in the performance of strategic projects, determining the competitive position of the enterprise, recommendations for strategic choices, development and implementation of the concept of changing the organizational structure, performance of a quality system, implementation of investment programs, performance of a motivation system, enterprise resource analysis, industry and competition analysis.

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#2 Operational Consulting

Operational consulting, also known as operational management, is consulting and implementation services to improve the organization's value chain, i.e. the sequence of actions that create the final value for the recipient.


Operational management projects increase the efficiency of the organization's functioning by implementing changes and new solutions in the field of processes, management systems, culture and other elements of the value chain.

The scope of operational consulting conducted by KJB International Aid is broad. It includes:


  • sales and marketing,

  • process management,

  • supply chain management,

  • finance and outsourcing.

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#3 Financial Consulting

Working in this industry is about presenting clients with the best financial offers. The advisor often acts as an intermediary in the client's contact with other institutions, such as banks, insurance companies or investment funds, and helps to adjust, and often negotiate, the most relevant and most advantageous offer for the client. However, the advisor's task does not end with recommending offers but is often extended to help in completing applications, examining contracts and supervising the course of transactions

In addition to intermediation in contact with financial institutions, advisors also provide services to improve the company's profitability by interfering with its economic structures. The typical tasks of a financial advisor include: selecting offers from banks, insurance companies and other financing institutions preparing financial analyses of enterprises, preparing investment profitability analyses, company valuation, planning of capital sources, developing business plans, capital structure planning, developing a controlling system, preparation of the financial plan of the enterprise.


#4 Human Resources

The key, and often the only resource of many organizations, are people who make personnel changes. Companies decide to use the help of professional advisors so that each change contributes to the improvement of the company's efficiency and profitability. Managing human resources is even more difficult, as it often concerns delicate issues - sometimes deciding about the success or failure of a given person, therefore entrusting the matter to specialists may contribute to solutions beneficial not only for the employer but also for the employee. Consultants 'help is offered when layoffs are necessary, employees' potential needs to be assessed, or recruitment of a new specialist is planned.

Working in HR consulting also means planning and implementing changes in the method of human resource management or supporting employees during organizational changes in the company. Examples of tasks faced by HR advisers include: preparation and conduct of the recruitment process, developing a system of job descriptions, assessment of professional predispositions, preparation and implementation of effective human resource management instruments, personality, professional inclinations and skills tests of employees/applicants, training needs analysis.

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#5 Business Marketing

The work of a marketing consultant consists of finding and improving new strategies for the promotion, sale and distribution of goods and services to selected target customers.


On a larger scale, marketing enables creating a new brand, product or service in the public's eyes and then transforms that image into a lucrative business.


Nevertheless, enterprises use the services of marketing advisors both to promote a newly created product and maintain the current sales volume.