KJB International Aid "Counselling" aimed at effective planning of the educational and professional path on local and foreign markets.

Mainly helps in dealing with problems and challenges before they become serious problems. KJB International Aid comes with assistance, which aims to help in matters of everyday life.

1\ General Mediation

General mediation includes professional, personal, social, family counselling. KJB International Aid Mediation is a relatively short-term, interpersonal, theory-based, professional activity regulated by ethical and legal standards that focuses on helping individuals to solve developmental and situational problems.

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2\ Career Counselling

Career counselling is a process by which a career counsellor helps the client better understand himself concerning the work environment, be sensitive to a realistic choice or change of employment, or achieve the appropriate professional adjustment. It is a certain interaction between the counsellor and the client. It is not a process but a specific counselling situation, relatively short-lived.

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3/ Solution-Focused Counselling

Focused Counselling is to ensure that participants who come for help best know what they need. It is the session participant who sets goals and gives ways to solve the problem. This type of support shows that the client is competent to solve his problems. Our specialists are only a specific tool thanks to which the client achieves the goal.

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4/ Debt Counselling

Debt Counselling can help you get an accurate view of your financial situation and advise you in practice on how and with what priorities you can pay off your debt. It will also help you make the correct calculations connected with the debt relief proceedings and apply for a reconsideration of the decision or appeal against the debt relief decision.

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