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How to open your mind to more possibilities?

We often find ourselves thinking, why isn't things going the way we planned them to? In some instances, we may even question ourselves, am I good enough? Maybe I am too young or too old? We often tend to become frustrated and face the fact that we may have to live this harsh reality for the rest of our lives.

I once found myself lost in thoughts like these! I had to find ways of coping withing myself and even carrying on with my daily lifestyle, not just for me but also for my kids.

Life was not easy! I was sixteen years of age, living with a man I thought was in love with me. Trying to meet his expectations of me and never being good enough. Little that I knew, I would have become a victim of verbal and domestic abuse at such a tender age.

The fear of having to go back to my family's house and dealing with being a disgrace kept me in this relationship for years - thinking there was no way out or no one cared or loved me. Honestly, I felt like giving up on life at that point. But the fact that I had two beautiful daughters always kept a thought in the back of my head that I needed to find a way out. I just did not know-how?

That was until two particular inspirational coaches intervein in my life and helped me understand a different perspective of what life should really be like. They told me things that persons who said they cared about me never once said to me. At this point, I had built up enough courage to take my kids and myself out of this horrible situation. They encouraged and told me that I was no different from persons my age and that I can become anything I wanted to be once. I had the proper mindset and needed to let go of all negative thoughts I had in my mind towards myself. They also said that having the wrong persons in my life would limit me and hinder my full potential.

At first, I was confused at what they said to me until I took the time to sit and think about everything they were saying.

I eventually accepted that if I wanted a better life, I need to free my mind and apply these words of encouragement to the new life I saw for myself. In doing so, it was not easy either I saw everyone who genuinely cared about me. I ended up with no friends and no family members.

In reality, the ones I loved the most were the ones who cared less about me and the opposite. However, that did not stop me because I was persistent and kept my head up. I did not mind losing people at this point if it meant my kids having a better life and being happy with me.

I am now twenty-one years of age, living happily with my daughters, smiling every day without worrying if anyone is satisfied with who I am.

I never regret taking those word - great words of advice - that was said to me by my motivational advisors. I will forever live by it because I am now on the verge of more incredible things, and I have the best support from the same coaches that gave me a helping hand on freeing and opening my mind to more possibilities.

After all, I went through, and I have to get back on track and organise my life accordingly. So, I decided to work on myself harder as advised, and here is the outcome of my work.

Firstly, I decide to become more open to new ideas by avoiding closing myself off. I moved out from my family's house and the people that were never on my side. It means that I opened my mind to more possibilities and welcomed new situations different from those I am familiar with. I moved to a new house in a tranquil area, and first time in my life, I had an opportunity to have my own space for me and my kids to call home. This step made me realise that I was exposed to unpleasant routines and dependency. Now I am raising my children on my own without asking anybody for assistance.

Secondly, my experience and cooperation with my coaches wised me enough to place myself out of my comfort zone. It was not easy to approach as I had to try to journey out of my circles and adapt to a new community, surroundings, and place. However, I am glad I could do it because more possibilities are opening for me as my mind is set for betterment.

I finally decided that it was time I made new friends in my new community. At first, I was scared because of my past experiences, but that was until I met my first associate.

He is my age but so mature. He has an excellent education, working a full-time job and doing further studies. I was honestly shocked to know that he is so young and had accomplished so much already. He really made me feel like nothing was impossible like I can really do anything I put my mind to. I also got the opportunity to meet a young mother - just like me - she also is my age, living close by, working every day, and taking care of her daughter all by herself. I tell myself that if she can do it, I can do it too or even better.

They would visit me, talk to me every day, and encourage me to go back to school and be persistent about what I wanted to accomplish.

Just because I discovered new friendships, I am open to new ideas. Now I am sure that I can be whoever I wanted to be, and I can do whatever I wanted to do without any criticism. My new environment and associates show me different ways of living and different level of thinking. They also have a unique set of interests for me to learn about to broaden my horizons.

I will also continue to open my mind by asking many questions about life improvement and possibilities for a young mum; these include going back to school and pursuing my career as a single mother.

I have realised that sometimes it is okay to pay a listening ear to others. Some may not always give you the best advice, but there is still a possibility that you will run into great advisors.

My life that I once thought nothing of has - now changed for the best. I do not see myself the way I used to be because it was not the right way.

From now, I will avoid speculations and constantly work on keeping a positive attitude. I will only maintain contact with anyone I know who can give me a word of encouragement and uplift me.

I will listen to lots of motivational documentaries and do a lot of reading and research to help me gain a better understanding and open my mind to more possibilities.

I must also admit that life coaching is your opportunity to take your life from good to great. I recommend everyone have a life coach that will help you improve your life and understand that if you live in fear of the future because of what happened in your past, you will lose what you have in the present.

Now, you can tell me your way to open your mind to more opportunities or new ideas in life.

Thanks for reading.

Tiana Barrington

KJB International Aid's guess

Story Writer

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