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KJB International Aid

 Founded in 2011

Welcome to KJB International Aid (Knowledge Junction Bureau International Aid), where compassion meets strategic impact. We are a dedicated organisation committed to making a positive difference on a global scale. At KJB, we believe in the power of knowledge and collaboration to transform lives.

KJB International Aid was founded in 2011 by Katarzyna Jeziorowska Barrington. The purpose of KJB is to create opportunities for people worldwide. However, creating an opportunity is challenging, especially if you intend to start your life from scratch or abroad. KJB International Aid is the UK's No.1 advisory and support centre. 

Our mission is to serve communities in need by providing essential aid and fostering sustainable solutions. As a Knowledge Junction Bureau, we act as a hub of expertise, connecting resources and sharing knowledge to create lasting impact. We strive to be at the forefront of innovative and effective international assistance.


Embracing a holistic approach, KJB International Aid focuses on community empowerment, sustainable practices, and continuous learning. From crisis response to long-term development projects, we navigate the complex landscape of global challenges with dedication and strategic insight.

Join us on this journey of compassion and transformation. Let's build a world where knowledge and aid intersect to create a brighter future for all. KJB International Aid - Empowering Communities, Inspiring Change.

KJB International Aid

Our Vision


​We're here to give people advice and help them perceive a given problem that they need to resolve. We're here to guide people on how to plan a better future. And most importantly, we're here for all backgrounds, communities and industries. Our advisers are committed to having an excellent approach to equality and diversity within our business.

No matter who our clients are, whatever their issue is, and wherever they come from, we have solutions to their problems and concerns.

Meet the Team

Mrs. Katarzyna Barrington

Founder, Managing Director, Generalist Advisor and Human Rights Activist 

KJB International Aid Founder

Looking back on my life, I am proud of the determined pursuit of my life and professional goals. It hasn't been an easy journey since my teenage years, but I never lost sight of my burning desire to be an entrepreneur and serve my community. From a young age, I had a passion for helping people succeed and being a helping hand in my neighbourhood. Although my success story may not be the greatest, it was a well-lent journey.


My inner demand to provide excellent services to people and businesses constantly pushed me forward, so they could improve their lives and be as successful as possible. Creating solutions and opportunities for everyone has always been my motivation. Supporting people with advice and guidance will always pay its results. Identifying clients' needs and fulfilling them has been my driving force.


My mentoring and coaching abilities, confidence, calmness, and positive attitude have always stood by me, and they always will. The challenges that I faced have made me stronger and more capable. Today, I can declare that I am not a failure. My job allows me to do what I love most – serving people and making them succeed personally and professionally. I have used the same true-to-life approach with people from various cultures and environments. Even though I may not understand their language or traditions, I can feel their emotions, fears, and lack of confidence, which is why I can build an instant relationship with them. Honesty, understanding, patience, and fairness have made my name and built my brand today. I am proud of my journey, and I will continue to work hard to provide the best services and opportunities for everyone.

Email: Tel: 07305464275

Value 01.


We act as trusted and dedicated advisors. We gain the trust of our clients, employees and partners through transparency, security, adherence, privacy, and performance.

KJB International Aid's integrity is the foundation for everything we do. We are recognised, admired and respected mainly for our commitment to honesty and clarity.


We're genuine and dedicated to accomplishing what's best for our clients and company.

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