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03. Housing

Housing challenges 

Dealing with housing issues can be a challenging and emotionally charged experience. At KJB International Aid, we recognise the complexities of housing-related matters. That's why we provide guidance, assist in creating actionable plans, and help find resolutions to your housing challenges. Whether you're facing relocations or dealing with issues at home, we are confident that our support will be valuable for you and your family.

How We Can Help

Many housing issues require external assistance, and that's where KJB International Aid steps in. You can access advice, assistance developing strategies, and collaborative problem-solving for your housing concerns by contacting us. Our support is particularly beneficial for families settling permanently or temporarily in a new country. Living in the UK poses extreme difficulties, and family life in a foreign land can be complicated. KJB International Aid offers substantive help and eases the emotional burden of housing challenges. Don't hesitate to contact us for meaningful assistance and support throughout the entire process. We are here to help you find stability and comfort in your housing situation.

Embarking on addressing housing issues can be an intricate and emotionally charged experience. At KJB International Aid, we empathise with the multifaceted nature of housing-related challenges and stand ready to provide comprehensive support. Whether navigating relocations or dealing with pressing issues at home, our commitment is to guide you through the complexities and find practical resolutions.

Our Holistic Approach to Housing Challenges

  1. Guidance and Actionable Plans: We don't just acknowledge the challenges; we provide practical guidance and assist in creating actionable plans tailored to your unique housing situation.

  2. Resolution-Focused Support: Our team is dedicated to helping you find resolutions to your housing challenges. This includes collaborative problem-solving, ensuring that the solutions are not just temporary but sustainable.

  3. Support for Permanent or Temporary Resettlement: Families settling, either permanently or temporarily, in a new country often encounter unique housing challenges. Our support is designed to address these challenges and ease the transition.


Navigating the Complexities of UK Housing

  1. Social Housing Assistance: KJB International Aid extends its support to social housing issues across the UK. We understand the dynamics of social housing and work towards ensuring access and stability for families in need.

  2. Homelessness Prevention: Our proactive approach includes homelessness prevention strategies. We work diligently to address the root causes of potential homelessness and implement preventative measures.

  3. Representation and Advocacy: From the initiation to the resolution of your case, we act as your representative. Our team advocates on your behalf, ensuring that your voice is heard in all relevant discussions and negotiations.

  4. Liaison with Landlords: Private sector housing issues, including problems with landlords, are increasingly prevalent. KJB International Aid takes the initiative to liaise with landlords, addressing concerns and preventing situations that could lead to homelessness.


Your Stability, Our Priority

  1. Emotional burden Eased: Housing challenges often bring emotional burdens. Our support extends beyond the practical to provide emotional relief, helping you navigate the obstacles more easily.

  2. Continuous Support: Contact us without hesitation for ongoing assistance and support. We are committed to being with you throughout the entire process, adapting our support to your evolving needs.


Whether you're facing housing challenges in the UK, dealing with homelessness concerns, or having issues with private-sector landlords, KJB International Aid is here to provide substantive help and ease the journey toward stable and comfortable housing. Reach out to us for meaningful assistance tailored to your specific circumstances.

 13 Years of Accumulated Experience in the UK

Book a Consultation

Our team of experts is ready to provide you with complimentary advice and support to help you develop a strategy and work out a solution to your problems. We are here for you whether you need substantive help or emotional support. Book a consultation today, and let us help you navigate the housing - related challenges.

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