KJB International Aid was created by Katarzyna Barrington - the owner of the company. The idea was born while she was working with one of the para-athletes from Trinidad. His story was unbelievable, and she started to read about Trinidad, their traditions, lifestyle, crimes rate, and talents. She was surprised by the facts about this country because Trinidad was like a paradise for her. The information she obtained presented tragic events about hopeless lifestyle, gangsters and prostitution over there. She came up with an initiative to support this society when she found many talented people during her research.


As our company already deals with consulting, coaching and mentoring, we decided to expand our services and open new opportunities for everyone in England. Development is one of the critical elements of the organisational culture at KJB International Aid. A takeover of an initiative, effective action or support of others in achieving successes results from our values. In our everyday work, we try to be one step ahead, which leads us to continuous improvement and development. Each individual joining our project receives specialist support in the field of knowledge about the international labour market and opportunities for expansion abroad. After all, our experts support the entire pre and post visa process and everything in between.

We are probably the only support centre for past, present and future immigrants. We are not an agency providing employment services, but we encourage employers and all interested parties to contact us because creating a network of contacts can make things easier for everyone.

We are also the largest support centre for every family, regardless of their origin, nationality or status. KJB International Aid is an immigrant and family support centre that can be compared to a project of sharing knowledge. Our basic proposals are:


Tutoring - customer strengthens and improves their performance in a specific area of competence. The tutor's task is to get the customer to reflect through questions, honest feedback, and sharing knowledge of yourself or other people.


Coaching - the client receives the support of a specially prepared person (coach) to accelerate the pace of development and improve an action's effects. Thanks to coaching, you set more specific goals, the client optimises their activities, makes better decisions, and fully uses their natural skills.


Mentoring - in this case, the client works with a more experienced person (mentor), whose task is to discover and develop the client's potential based on his knowledge and experience. Join or follow us and get your dreams to come true. We are here to support you.


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Serving clients all over the world as the most trusted partner with a leading position in all markets as a team working with passion, based on shared values.


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Creating new opportunities for personal, professional, business and educational development.


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 Leading position thanks to loyalty programs.


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Customers, employees, financial success, and sustainable development.

KJB International is expanding its operations around the world based on a well-balanced and diverse portfolio. Our company has leading positions in four areas: international career counselling, international business consulting, life coaching, as well as educational and talent advisory. Founded in 2010, the company has a history of almost ten years of success. We started our activity in the Caribbean. The initial assumption was services for the Trinidadians. However, the interest of people from the other Caribbean islands has led to our development throughout the entire Caribbean.


Our organisational culture


We want to create the immaculate value of our services and open up new international employment, business and educational opportunities. Corporate culture, purpose, vision, mission and values ​​- it all unites our diverse team, setting the framework and indicating the directions of action. The ordinary rules of conduct throughout the world have been included in a series of codes.


We create our future, guided by clear guidelines of the company's long-term strategy, and our approach results from vision, mission and company value. In the 2020 perspective, as well as later, we want to provide the company with sustainable, profitable growth.

We will achieve this by responding better to the needs of our clients, increasing innovation, efficiency in operation and building loyalty among customers, employees and partners. run addition, through our activities, we want to support sustainable development, strengthening our leading position in this area.

Consulting & Coaching

KJB International Aid "Consulting & Coaching" is a professional and contracted consultancy service - provided to entrepreneurs and individuals that:

  • Support the client or client's company objectively and independently when identifying management problems and analysing them,

  • Recommend specific solutions to these problems and help, as requested by the client, in the process of implementing these solutions

  • Are aimed at solving management and business problems

  • Recognise new development opportunities

  • Encourage learning and change

To meet the expectations of its customers and to raise the level of specialisation and professionalism of services rendered, KJB International Aid has divided its services into many types, including:

  • Career counselling aimed at effective planning of the educational and professional path on local and foreign markets

  • Business consulting aimed at improving the effectiveness of operations and stable development of the enterprise

  • Educational consulting is a form of support for people seeking an educational offer that best meets the needs and expectations of the client.

  • Talent Advisory is also intended to show you how to support and develop identified predispositions and talents.

  • Life coaching mainly helps in dealing with problems and challenges before they become serious problems. In each of our lives, there are situations that we can't deal with. KJB International Aid comes with assistance, which aims to help in matters of everyday life.