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02. Employment 

Employment issues and opportunities

Navigating employment issues can be a complex and emotionally challenging journey. At KJB International Aid, we understand the intricacies involved. That's why we extend our guidance to help you create a strategic plan and find resolutions to your employment-related challenges.

Whether you're transitioning to a new job, re-entering the workforce after a break, or dealing with other employment hurdles, our comprehensive aid is designed to benefit you and your career. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for meaningful assistance and support during this crucial period—we're here for you every step of the way.

How We Can Help

Employment challenges often require external support, and KJB International Aid is here to provide it. By turning to us, you gain access to professional advice, assistance in developing effective strategies, and solutions to your employment-related problems. Our support is particularly valuable for individuals and families settling abroad, where the complexities of foreign employment can be overwhelming. Our assistance goes beyond emotional support; it includes substantive help to ease the challenges associated with pursuing a career in a new country.


Our Holistic Approach

  1. Strategic Planning: Employment challenges vary, whether transitioning to a new job, re-entering the workforce after a hiatus, or confronting other hurdles. We don't just offer advice; we work with you to create a strategic plan tailored to your specific employment-related circumstances.

  2. Comprehensive Aid: Dealing with employment challenges can be emotionally taxing. Our aid is designed not only to offer practical solutions but also to provide the emotional support you need during this crucial career period.


Support for Every Career Stage

  1. Transition Assistance: Whether you're embarking on a new career path or facing the challenge of transitioning between jobs, our assistance is geared to smoothen the process and set you on the right track.

  2. Return to Work Support: For those re-entering the workforce after a break, our support includes tailored programs and guidance to enhance your skills and boost your confidence.

  3. International Employment Assistance: Settling in a new country comes with its own set of employment complexities. Our services are particularly valuable for individuals and families navigating the challenges of foreign employment, offering substantive help beyond just emotional support.


Specialised Services to Empower Your Career

  1. Employability Programs: Tailored programs aimed at enhancing your skills and readiness for the job market, ensuring you stand out to potential employers.

  2. CV and Interview Assistance: Crafting a compelling resume and attending interviews are critical steps in your job search. Our experts provide the support you need to make a lasting impression.

  3. Career Counseling Sessions: Informed decisions are crucial for a successful career path. Our guidance goes beyond the immediate challenges, helping you navigate your career trajectory effectively.


At KJB International Aid, our commitment is not just to offer support—it's to empower your journey toward meaningful and sustainable employment. Don't hesitate to reach out; we're here for you every step of the way.


Ensuring Fairness and Justice

In addition to our comprehensive employment support, KJB International Aid stands firm in promoting fairness and justice in the workplace. If you've experienced unfair dismissal, discrimination, or ill-treatment at your workplace, our commitment to your well-being extends to representation.

Your Advocate in Unjust Situations

  1. Unfair Dismissal: Facing the distress of unfair dismissal can be overwhelming. We step in not just to provide emotional support but to be your advocate, representing your case with diligence and dedication.

  2. Discrimination at the Workplace: No one should endure discrimination. If you've faced bias or prejudice, our experts will stand by you, ensuring your case is heard and necessary actions are taken.

  3. Ill-treatment Concerns: Ill-treatment can take various forms, from harassment to workplace bullying. Our commitment is to address such issues head-on, representing your interests and striving for a resolution that brings justice and relief.


Guidance and Support

  1. Representation: In situations requiring intervention, we provide guidance and support, connecting you with professionals specialising in employment law to ensure your case is handled with expertise.

  2. Advocacy for Your Rights: Your rights matter, and we are dedicated to advocating for them. We work tirelessly to ensure that your voice is heard and your grievances are addressed, fostering an environment of fairness and equality in the workplace.


At KJB International Aid, our commitment goes beyond mere support; it extends to being a staunch advocate for your rights and well-being. If you face unjust situations at your workplace, remember that you're not alone—we're here to represent you and work towards a fair resolution.

 13 Years of Accumulated Experience in the UK

Book a Consultation

Our team of experts is ready to provide you with complimentary advice and support to help you develop a strategy and work out a solution to your problems. We are here for you whether you need substantive help or emotional support. Book a consultation today, and let us help you deal with the challenges.

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