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Free Advice and Guidance for Everyone!


Introduction to our firm

We provide guidance, advice and support to anyone experiencing difficulties with everyday matters. Our advice and guidance are free of charge. We are advising people on how they can improve their lives and obtain abilities to solve their problems. We are here to solve people's problems and affairs. Also, we are raising awareness of human rights issues in everyday life. 

Eight in ten of us will experience a problem every single week. However, hundreds of thousands of people are still struggling without knowing that we are here to help and assist.

Every person facing day-to-day affairs should not have to face it alone. We'll listen and give you guidance, support and advice. We'll fight for you and your rights to protect your humanity, your job, your money, your family or your dignity.

We can all face concerns and problems that seem complicated, discouraging or downright frustrating. At KJB International Aid, we believe no one should face these difficulties alone without sufficient support and good-quality advice. Your success begins with us. 
Our specialists understand that there is little difference between obstacles and opportunities, and we have the ability to turn both to our communities' and clients' advantage.

Our Business Sectors



This sector is a pervasive part of our business. It applies to marriage, divorce, separation, inheritance, and various matters of parental responsibility (custody, visiting rights, parental agreements).


Family-related issues are challenging, so don't break down and ask us for help. Getting help from a solicitor is financially difficult or impossible for many people. We are here to listen, advise and support you throughout your difficult time. You will receive tips, practical advice and available solutions to your problem.



Work in human life plays a huge role. On the other hand, problems at work and the inability to cope with them can cause a feeling of helplessness, loss of motivation to work, and consequently - depression. 

This part of our activity will allow you to solve any problem related to the employer and learn about the legal conditions of employment in the UK.


These can include, among others, unfair dismissal, discrimination or negligence at work.



Housing issues have been with us for years. The most common housing shortcomings are related to private landlords who refuse to repair a leaking roof, damage to the ceiling, walls, faulty electrical installation, or a general renovation in a wet and fungus apartment? 

Other matters include illegal evictions of tenants. These are just the most common issues. We are here to help efficiently solve any housing issues and even get compensation. We are also specialists in dealing with homelessness and its prevention.



Immigration describes those who decide to go to a foreign country to settle temporarily or permanently. 


However, let us not forget that depending on the way of crossing the border, immigration can be divided into legal and illegal.


If you are looking for guidance on migrating to the UK, you are in the right place. Each individual joining our project receives specialist support in the field of knowledge about the international labour market and opportunities for expansion abroad.



This section makes it possible to obtain information about available social benefits for low-income people, unemployed or temporarily disabled. In addition, we conduct guides on the rules of granting and eligibility for additional financial support from the state social benefits system.

In addition to calculating all financial privileges, we also deal with all appeals against wrong decisions by local authorities or the Department for Work and Pension.

It is also worth noting that the conditions after Brexit have changed. The system of social benefits for European citizens is entirely different. Contact us and get all the information you need before you start receiving a denied decision for your wrongly chosen application.


Debts and Money

Dealing with money issues can be frustrating and time-consuming, but if you don't understand how the financial sector works, you could lose out financially or get yourself deep in debt.

The following sector will give you the information you need to make the right financial decisions, including help to deal with your debt problems.


KJB International Aid will guide you on managing your finances and avoiding losing your home while paying a mortgage or how to get your finances back on the right path.

Debt relief is a multi-step process that typically begins with a person's debt being assessed and ends with complete debt cancellation. 



Today, more sophisticated and fraudulent practices are aimed at consumers, which are carried out through various online and offline channels. Consumers may be exposed to fraudsters when shopping online, on social media, via phone or texting, email or in-person. It has the potential to be detrimental and far-reaching consequences for both individuals and society.

Consumers complain about misleading deals, shops' unfair prices, and dubious services.


This section mainly specialises in counselling following accepted standards, such as confidentiality, reliability, professionalism, availability of services, which guarantee that we will find a satisfactory solution to the problem in each individual case.



KJB International Aid "Polonia" to sektor przeznaczony dla Polaków w UK. Właśnie tutaj możecie Państwo uzyskać pomoc w sprawach urzędowych i nie tylko. Nasi doradcy mają kilkuletnie doświadczenie na rynku brytyjskim, dzięki czemu zapewniamy szybkie i skuteczne rozwiązanie waszych problemów. 

Zmiany wprowadzone po Brexicie komplikują nie tylko dołączenie do rodziny, ale również zasady przydzielania zasiłków, o których bardzo rzadko mówi się publicznie. Praktycznie wszystko się zmieniło - od warunków zatrudnienia po przydziały mieszkań socjalnych i zakwalifikowania się do funduszy socjalnych. Nieznajomość nowych regulacji może stanowić ogromne zagrożenie dla wielu Polaków na Wyspach. 



In its broadest sense, education is the process by which society's knowledge, habits, customs and values are passed onto the next generation.

Education also includes learning and practising the principles of politeness, gentleness and courtesy. Hence, in everyday speech, practising these socialisation habits is referred to as signs of good manners.

In a technical sense, education is a systematic process of developing a person's physical, intellectual and moral abilities to better integrate into society or their group. In other words, it is a science of life.

Education is a universal and complex phenomenon of social life, necessary for the continuity of cultures. It includes a variety of experiences and modalities that we can learn and shape through training, courses, books, coaching sessions, personal mentors or traditional formal education.



More and more people are fed up with a constantly dissatisfied boss or dealing with malicious associates - decide to start their own business, hoping that it is the way they will slow down, catch their breath and finally start doing what they like. 


However, running your own business requires persistence and overcoming many difficulties and competition. It is to be expected that stress in business will accompany us at every step, so it is better to have full control over it from the very beginning.

Sometimes it is impossible because our business plan has not refined time management and has not fully defined our professional responsibilities. Many start-up entrepreneurs become engrossed in their work without paying attention to other independent obstacles that later lead to financial instability or even bankruptcy. Planning in business is essential, and you can be successful if you follow our guidelines.


Complaints and Appeals

Although courts, benefits, grants and subsidies are for everyone, but sometimes it isn't easy to understand. Some people try to apply for various kinds of benefits on their own or submit a court application without professional support. At first glance, it seems to us that these are straightforward processes. This the reason that people receive denied or wrong decisions or judgments, and then appeals are necessary. Even mandatory reconsideration is a great way to resolve more than one conflict. Contact us, and we will provide you with the form you need to fill out or the hints for your application or appeal to be successful.

But don't panic! Even if you do not know about official or court matters, you still have the full right to use them without any restrictions, especially when you get full support from us. All your doubts will be dispelled by experts working at KJB International Aid.  Now you know - we are here to assist you.


Human Rights

As a result of the constant struggle of people with progressive views, more than one piece of legislation or reform has been changed. Such actions of people began to shape a new socio-political system based on a set of principles formulated in the form of an ideology understood as a comprehensive or ideal concept of our reality.


The humans are becoming wiser from generation to generation, and the political and social issues are more understood. Looking ahead, we consider human rights, moral rights and their worldview. We preach new theories using the slogans of freedom, equality and diversity.

Over time, we started to fight for equal rights, independence and freedom of speech. We began to create reforms entitled to equality and acceptance of all people as units of humanity. However, we still face racism and discrimination. It is worth discussing this issue with our expert.

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  Phillip Mager, 35 

  Noni Faraij, 25  

With KJB, there was no need to worry about the pre - visa process.

I felt welcome and in good hands. ”

Going abroad to study by myself could have been very stressful. Luckily, KJB International was my family away from home and helped me to take care of everything. 

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