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English companies need a million employees!

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Crisis in the labour market in England.

Brexit is increasingly affecting the United Kingdom labour market. Nearly one million employees are needed in British companies, according to the National Statistical Office. There are many employment opportunities open, but there are not enough people to work. It is a considerable chance for the Caribbean and Asian people who are seeking employment over here.

According to the National Statistical Office, the number of job vacancies increased by 16 thousand in 3 months and reached a total of 870,000 in January this year. However, experts think that there are more vacancies, and one can assume that their number reaches 1 million.

The fastest employment offer you can find in services (88.2 %). One hundred forty thousand jobs are waiting for traders and specialists connected with the automotive industry. For several years, there has also been a shortage of employees in the British health service, which has a total of 131 thousand vacancies.

By analysing The Guardian reports, the biggest problem with finding employees appear in hotel industries and companies providing catering services, companies from the IT and telecommunications sector, and entities providing health and social care services. The United Kingdom is losing workers from the European Union, especially from developing countries. Enterprises from all over the United Kingdom are faced with increasing difficulties in hiring employees.

The closer Brexit gets, the situation on the British labour market is getting worse. Since the Brexit referendum in 2016, the outflow of workers from the European Union has been noted in England. Only last year, almost 76 thousand Employees from EU countries left the UK.

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