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English labour market and migration

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Many emigrants found out for themselves that employment opportunities in the UK are extensive. However, people who need visas to work in the UK have hard to find a job but not impossible. For them finding employment on the English labour market is very challenging. It turns out that the most significant emphasis is placed on knowledge of English at a high level, and the experience is often more important for the employer than qualification. You do not need to have any profession you have learned. Potential employers in England need to know that you have experience in your field.

The number of migrants working in the UK is growing. They come from Europe and outside of the European area. They come from all over the world.

The lowest income that people earns is work in the sales sectors, and then warehouse employees. You do not have to speak fluent English or hold a high level of education for this particular job. Their average pay is less than £9 per hour. On the other hand, engineers, managers, IT specialists and employees for positions requiring logistics - in sales sectors - are receiving a much higher rate. Their earnings range from £17 to £40 an hour.

As for the expenses, it is dependent on your place of residence. The cost of living in England alone oscillates around a thousand pounds a month. Statistics say that emigrants working in the United Kingdom earn on average much more than a thousand pounds net. Unfortunately, they are spending half of what they earn.

When it comes to the most profitable regions, London is in the first place with a rate of £10 an hour. Then there is Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester and Norwich. It is estimated that the average salary in the United Kingdom is around 27 thousand pounds gross annually.

Work abroad - the most popular professions in England among immigrants

It turns out that a large part of people deciding to go to the United Kingdom to earn money. Migration for them is not wholly determined about the development of their professional path. Usually, they emigrate because they desire to improve their financial situation. Sometimes our competences or education are not enough to take a given position and then it is worth thinking about changing the profession. There are certain professions and industries most often chosen by European. Among them, work in the warehouse, especially for beginners, is famous. English employers do not put too many demands on European applicants, and there is no lack of job offers in employment agencies. In the beginning, you have to take into account the minimum wage. However, with the acquisition of experience and additional entitlements, the salary increases.

Another popular profession is working in a hotel or gastronomy. There are plenty of waiters and chefs from all over the world in British restaurants, as is the case with hotel employees. The former can count on a higher remuneration and, additionally, on tips. In Great Britain, builders from Europe or the Caribbean are also valued. More specifically for the quality of their work and reliability, and that they work for lower rates than the British. Electricians and plumbers can also count on considerable earnings. The most frequently chosen occupations by immigrants include the profession of a hairdresser, driver, mechanic, gardener and older adults. There are also many professions for people without higher education, such as insurance brokers, assistant manager, train drivers or training managers. Their earnings oscillate at the level of several dozen thousand pounds a year.

As you can see, work in England is available to everyone. There are no age restrictions or demands for a higher educational level. Are you thinking about moving abroad for work or study purpose? Don't hesitate to contact us if you need professional services for your journey.

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