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Is the world ending? COVID, volcano explosions, earthquakes - everything in one day...

For the past few years, we were warned by #MotherEarth to stop destroying our #planet. We did not listen, and we still do not listen or see what is going to happen. We keep polluting the world, and all waste products killing our Mother and our home. I am not surprised - as many of us - that the #Earth is fed up with the people taking it for granted! It looks like our planet decided to purge from the nasty #toxins (plastic, pollution, carbon dioxide emissions, etc.) we are putting into Mother Earth's body. The beginning of 2020 was the most important warning for us to wake up and take good care of our home. Most of the #people ignored the signs and was thinking about #money and #budgets only... This is the #reason why every 4 months, we have new waves of coronavirus, and it will never stop because of the #ignorantpeople that only care for money and #revenues. For more than a year, we are trying to get back to normality, but it is impossible because we did not realise that the Earth is #purging itself. After all, the #organs (people) living on it do not understand the Earth conditions' importance. Let's go further... 9th April 2021 was the saddest day in the new year 2021: * #Coronavirus took almost 3 million people. Left hundreds of thousands of #families missing their love once. It is constantly increasing, and we have no guarantee that the #disease will ever leave our Earth. * Saint Vincent experienced a volcanic eruption that blanketed the beautiful #Caribbean island in dangerous ash and poison smoke. This tragic incident forced thousands of people out of their homes. The resulting #ashfall can lead to crop failure, #animal death and deformity, and #human illness. As a result, it can cause eye, nose, and lung irritation, as well as breathing problems. In the worst-case scenario, it can kill people close to the #volcano. Please note that extensive #volcanoexplosion also happens in Central Mexico, Guatemala, Peru and Ecuador. * Several largest #earthquakes have been reported in China, Micronesia, New Caledonia, Japan, Fiji, New Zealand and Indonesia (magnitude between 4.8 to 5.5). * Global #Weather Hazards - persistent below-average #rainfall has led to abnormal #dryness over some parts of Ethiopia and Kenya.

* Moreover, we got the #Royal Family's sad news which is perhaps very much in our minds. We do pay respect to the #death of Prince Philip. * We also get the announcement of #DMX, who departed this life and finished the race. A well-known #rapper that leaves family, friends and fans in tears.

How many #tragic events do we need to wake up a start thinking about our future? How many #disasters do we need to understand that there is one race called the #humanrace? Don't you think it is enough #signs and #warnings for us?

Please take a few seconds and think about it... Then let us know your thoughts.

#Staysafe, #bekind and #enjoy the benefits of existence.

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