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KJB International Your Way To Success

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

KJB International is a consulting and coaching company based in England. Our speciality is advising, comprehensive management and career design. The services of KJB International are aimed at transforming our clients' vision into proposals for specific actions and solutions that will ultimately contribute to improving their financial results. We offer unique solutions that combine support in areas such as career counselling, business consulting, life coaching, education and talent advisory.

As professionals, we advise following the English law, but our primary value is the extensive experience and practical approach to problems. Therefore, we are focused on taking actions aimed at improving the living indicators of our clients, and not on creating general opinions. We provide our clients with extensive experience gained in international consulting companies and meeting the highest quality standards.

After successes related to the "Trini Solutions" project for Trinidad, we decided to expand our services to the entire Caribbean islands by creating the next project: "Caribbean Opportunity". KJB International started to cooperate with Caribbean companies many years ago. We mainly represented their businesses in the entire England. As mentioned before our international cooperation started in Trinidad, and then we began to expand our company for the whole Caribbean. Today we are serving our services in Europe, the Caribbean and Asia.

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KJB International Aid

Consulting & Coaching 

Landline: 0044 1733752295

WhatsApp: 0044 7305 464275

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