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List of demand in professions in the UK

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

January 2020, the Migration Advisory Committee updated some much-needed professions to the UK's shortage occupation list (SOL). Due to the Brexit affair, there are more industries on the English Labour Market that are looking for professionals from overseas.

What does SOL mean?

The SOL means that overseas individuals from outside the European Economic Area are no longer subject to certain visa restrictions.

National Health Services website has the best description of SOL. According to NHS definition SOL refers to "Employers who wish to recruit an individual from outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland to fill vacancies that are on the shortage occupation list may issue a Tier 2 without the need to demonstrate that an RLMT has been carried out.

Migrants who come to the UK to fill a skilled job in Tier 2 on the SOL will gain enough points without proving their prospective earnings or qualifications.

Before issuing the Tier 2 CoS, employers should check if any changes have been made to the shortage occupation list during the period of recruitment. If the file has been amended and the occupation being recruited to has been removed, the individual will not be able to claim points for shortage occupation.

It is important to note that employers can still recruit from overseas if the occupation is not on the list; however, in this situation, the resident labour market test will apply".

Delaying or taking too long to apply you are losing your chance of getting the cheaper visa and more comfortable proceedings. Please note that we are here to assist you during the entire pre and post visa process by offering you our services. International Career Counselling is referring to employment opportunities in England and assistance with obtaining CoS.

This stage guarantees you: research careers until employment application is successful; career options and support organisations to meet your needs; liaise and negotiate with other organisations on your behalf (if necessary); legal employment; direct contact with potential employers; telephone interview, letter from you sponsor required to your visa application and preparation for interview with your employers via phone or/and here in England.

Have a look at the most demanding occupations in England below, and if you believe that you can fit within these categories, feel free to contact us for more details. Subscribe to our mailing list so you can receive all updates straight to your mailbox. Our company will keep you updated on any changes, and you can follow us to get a full description of each needed profession.

Table 1: Jobs which appear on the United Kingdom Shortage Occupation List.

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