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Mechanical engineers from overseas wanted!

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

English labour market calling for overseas employees and looking for Mechanical Engineers. There is a high demand for this post and all jobs in this occupation code. According to the standard occupational classification in the UK “mechanical engineers undertake research and design, direct the manufacture and manage the operation and maintenance of engines, machines, aircraft, vehicle and ships structures, building services and other mechanical items.”

Jobs related to this code Include:

  1. Mechanical engineer (professional) - The work of a mechanical engineer involves the design, construction, construction, control of operation and repair of machinery, equipment and mechanisms. Mechanical engineers, depending on their specialisation, will find employment in industries such as machine and industrial mechanics, vehicle mechanics, locksmithing and metalworking. To take up the job of a mechanical engineer, you must have completed a mechanical engineering degree. You can choose a specialisation during your studies. The mechanical engineer must be a meticulous, accurate and prepared person to continually broaden and supplement his knowledge, especially in the field of continually developing automated technologies. Average salary a year £22,000 Starter to £55,000 Experienced.

  2. Aeronautical engineer (professional) - supervise significant repairs and modifications of aircraft or their assemblies and aviation equipment. Controls the mechanics in the scope of repairs following the applicable technical documentation and using appropriate parts and materials; certifies the operations performed on the aircraft; ensures the technical airworthiness of aircraft, their units or aircraft equipment. Average salary a year £20,000 Starter to £60,000 Experienced.

  3. Aerospace engineer – as above, however, aerospace engineers design, build and maintain planes, spacecraft and satellites. Average salary a year £20,000 Starter to £60,000 Experienced.

  4. Automotive engineer (professional) - design, develop, test and build cars and motorbikes. Average salary a year £20,000 Starter to £45,000 Experienced.

  5. Marine engineer (professional) - design, build, test and repair boats, ships, underwater craft, offshore platforms and drilling equipment. Average salary a year £24,000 Starter to £55,000 Experienced.

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