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OMG! The best Caribbean Opportunity project ever!

"Caribbean opportunity" - how we work and what kind of project is that?

Work on the "Caribbean Opportunity" project was undertaken in the first days of September 2018. At the beginning of 2015, we opened a series of opportunities for Trinidad and Tobago, and we can state that it was a bull's eye. Every successful business has an origin story, and this is ours. Working on the "Trini Solutions" project, we received many inquiries from clients from other Caribbean islands.

After more prolonged negotiations with the team, we've reached an agreement - namely - expanding the offer to the other islands, including Grenada, Guyana, Suriname, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda, St. Kitts and Nevis, Jamaica and Cayman Islands. Project is practically the benefit of publicity in Trinidad and Tobago and of course the effectiveness of our team.

"Caribbean Opportunity" aims to:

  • facilitating the flow of Caribbean workers in the United Kingdom

  • international business and career consulting

  • international support for students and talents

  • information on living and working conditions in England

  • assessment of the situation on the English labour market

  • support for Caribbean clients in creating professional, scientific or business paths

  • comprehensive advice related to career, lifestyle, studies, business and talents

  • all guidelines related to pre and post visa process

The services of KJB International are addressed to Caribbean job-seekers, Caribbean people interested in going to another country for work or study purposes and to employers who want to recruit employees from abroad. The project's designer, KJB International, is focused on providing information, advice and support to job-seekers who wish to work in England and employers who want to recruit employees from the Caribbean.

As part of the "Caribbean Opportunity" project, you can take advantage of free advice on your CV, where our expert will tell you what to do to make your resume perfect and professional by correcting errors in your CV and adding additional comments. After such adjustments, you can correct and then take advantage of the free assessment of your CV again. Please note this service is only for free for people who already have a CV. People who do not have a resume or do not know how to do it can use one of our company's paid offer.

Benefits of cooperation with us:

1. You will determine interests

Working by following your investments will increase your motivation to act, give you satisfaction and protect you against professional burnout. You have no idea what your career path should look like? Start by identifying your interests/hobby - for this purpose; you can use our services and receive a profession of your dreams abroad.

2. You will discover your strengths

It's challenging to count on a satisfying job based solely on your interests. Your skills and personality will be essential to your employer. Working with us, you will gain awareness of your strengths and identify areas for further development.

3. You will verify your ideas about the labour market

Starting a walk around the labour market, you may have doubts. It is normal. It is worth checking if your expectations regarding the workplace are realistic. Thanks to our counsellor you will learn, among others, in which industries there is the highest demand for employees and what competencies are expected by employers.

4. You will prepare professional application documents

The CV is your business card. How you make your application documents may depend on whether your employer will invite you for an interview. You can consult documents with our career counsellor. The adviser will show you how to adjust your CV to a specific offer and what mistakes to avoid.

5. You will prepare for an interview

If you are applying for your first job, the lessons learned from job interview simulation can be invaluable. Our adviser will tell you what questions you can expect and what their "second bottom" is. Thanks to this, you will avoid stress and present yourself more advantageously when talking to a recruiter.

Interested? Contact us today

KJB International Aid

Consulting & Coaching 

Landline: 0044 1733752295

Whats app: 0044 7305 464275


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