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The most popular way to convince your man to go abroad

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Tell him about job opportunities. One of the most popular male occupations is Construction Operatives.

The person in this position deals with renovation and construction works, such as plastering, bricklaying, assembly, demolition and carpentry. Due to its character and the required physical strength, this is typical "male" work. Construction labourer can be employed in a construction company or work as solo trade - then he accepts smaller repair orders (he can also combine both forms of earning). Work takes place outdoors or inside the building, and carries with it risks such as spine diseases, rheumatic changes, and you must also keep in mind the dangers of working at heights. You'll work about 39 h per week, usually starting early in the morning. Overtime at weekends and evenings may be required, which is more payable.


The scope of duties of a construction worker varies depending on the type of work performed. One will be concerning as the person building the house; second as the worker making the road, yet another for someone who is renovating the flat.


The person applying for this position does not need a professional construction education. However, if you know, you can be classified as a highly-skilled worker and received a more payable job or become a supervisor, team leader or group manager. Good health, fitness and physical strength are essential, as well as having practical skills in the field of renovation and construction (such as painting, mortar making, bricklaying, laying tiles, laying paving stones). Experience in the profession is the most required one. Please remember that English driving license category B are often required, but not necessary. A construction worker should be characterised by responsibility, reliability, accuracy and ability to cooperate with others.


Starter: estimate £15,000

Experienced: between £16,000 to £21,000

Highly Experienced: £29,000 or more...

Overtime and various allowances may increase your income. Self-employed labourers set their own rates (please remember that these figures are an estimate).

How to start

How to start the whole procedure related to employment opportunities in the UK, has also been described in one of my posts here and here. However, if you are not ready to start the formalities yourself, you can always contact us and use our services to avoid problems. We are effective at 98%...

If you are interested and would like to migrate to work abroad, our company can assist you with this proceeding. We will need your CV/Resume and then a brief description of your experience, education and expectation. If you are not able to write a proper CV - this is not a problem - our company offers a professional English CV, where you will also receive a copy for yourself.

Besides, we can offer you: preparing for the interview; finding suitable accommodation in England; ordering airline tickets, preparation of documentation and filing all applications associated with the work, passport and the employer. You can choose one service, two services or the full package. Family packages are also available.

Contact us and start your migration process straight away...

KJB International

Landline: 0044 1733752295

Whats app: 0044 7305 464275


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