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There’s big money in working abroad!

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

But you need to be prepare...

Do you think about working abroad? Be wise and take my advice because I have a strategic process for your profits.

International career counseling and the English labour market

We offer professional counseling services provided by professional career counselors to people seeking employment in the English labor market.

The service includes, among others:

  • career planning,

  • diagnosis of competences and professional opportunities,

  • preparation of application documents,

  • preparation for job search and recruitment process, job interview and contact with a potential employer,

  • labour market analysis job placement

We also offer services for people seeking employment in foreign labor markets, consisting in:

  • assisting in getting a job in the UK, especially if a work permit (visa or other permit) is required to

  • obtain job offers from authorized employers who will guarantee our clients a letter required for a visa application

  • inform about the current situation and anticipated changes in the labor market,

  • facilitating contacts between foreign job seekers and potential employers,

  • informing foreign job seekers about their rights and obligations.

We provide paid international consulting services for job seekers, students, business owners abroad as KJB International is a private company without any government or EU's grant support.

If you are interested, please contact us at or call 0044 1733752295

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Thanks for your time ;)

KJB International Aid

Consulting & Coaching 

Landline: 0044 1733752295

Whats app: 0044 7305 464275


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