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Thinking about migration?

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

KJB International Aid is a company that is operating in England. People who are looking for a first job, new job, employment opportunities abroad and new challenges - can get professional advice from our career counsellors. We are collecting information about occupations, the English labour market, jobs availability for the UK, EEA, non-EEA employees and opportunities to acquire further qualifications. Also, we can advise how to resolve difficulties at work or during your registration.

The services of our company can be used by everyone who intends to change jobs, move abroad or find an appropriate career path after graduation. The range of our services includes individual career guidance, practical advice on how to navigate the English labour market, mediation in finding a job, interview preparation, life coaching, personal life assistance and pedagogical or psychological support for individuals, families and businesses.

The assistance of our experts helps you plan your career path. Such support is particularly useful for people entering the English labour market for the first time, moving to the UK from other countries or returning after a long absence.

Most companies in England that are seeking employees are expecting from the candidates' submission of their CV. Therefore, creating a professional CV is a problem for people who write a CV for the first time. Also, it is a problem for those who never created such a CV. Our specialist's assistance can not be overestimated, especially if you are interested in migration for work or study purpose. Anyone who uses the assistance of our experts can get information on:

  • Professional CVs and cover letters

  • Responses to the job advertisement

  • Research careers until employment application is successful

  • Career options and support organisations to meet your needs

  • Liaise and negotiate with other organisations on your behalf

  • Legal employment abroad

  • Direct contact with potential employers

  • Preparation for a telephone or video call interview

  • Assistance in gaining a sponsorship letter required for your visa application

  • Much more benefits

Effective job search methods - this is another skill acquired by people using KJB International Aid services. Our specialists provide information on the latest trends and techniques, as well as older and reliable ones.

Most importantly, they are training job seekers to engage in this process actively. An essential element of our company's activity is to promote and keep updated our database with local and foreign job offers. We work in this area with local employers. People interested in starting their own business in the United Kingdom will also find the appropriate support here. Business consulting is responsible for the entire process of starting a business. Among the others, you can request information about Business Plans, preparation of project presentations and analytical reports, Business Analyst Management or support for business development abroad.

We know that going abroad for work, study or do business is a challenge sometimes. Living away from your home country can be exciting but also terrifying. We can assist you in becoming acquainted with a new culture, providing first-hand information on almost any subject, among other things, international practices, work or studying abroad.

We offer unique solutions that combine support in areas such as career counselling, business consulting, life coaching, education and talent advisory.

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KJB International Aid

Consulting & Coaching 

Landline: +44 1733752295

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