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Ultimate Guide: How to become a nurse in England?

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

How to become a nurse in the UK?

What qualifications are required, how often does the training take place, where to look for a job, and what income can the Caribbean, European or Asian nurse expect in the UK? Katarzyna answers these and other questions - a businesswoman who lived in the UK for ten years, where she is running a business as an international advisor and cooperating with the Caribbean for over five years. Our main goal is to advise the adepts of the profession to find a job in the UK. Also, notify the potential customer how to live aboard and how to develop their educational goals.

Can anyone become a nurse in the UK? What predispositions are particularly welcome?

To my knowledge, anyone who has the right to practice this profession without having problems with the law can become a nurse. The employer does not pay attention to cultural differences, religion, country of origin, gender or number of tattoos. If you are a good employee, you are positive, you like the job you do, you feel the need for constant self-improvement, new challenges, you want to be a part of a teamwork, you are resistant to stress and you do not mind sometimes work at the weekend, at night, in holidays, then you're the perfect candidate.

How the Caribbean become a nurse in the UK?

The nurse in the UK may be a person with a certificate or a nursing diploma from each country. However, this will be connected with the confirmation of the right to practice in the NMC (National Midwifery Council). The registration process takes three months or longer, depending on the country and according to the regulations. You must complete the application and submit all the documents included in the form (all required diplomas, Caribbean's equivalent of the UK National Midwifery Council, employment history, certificate of good character from your country, birth certificate, specialization diploma and all others certificates; other documents, i.e. a copy of the passport confirmed by a notary public and photos must be attached to the application). All this must be sent together. Depending on the applicant, the NMC may ask for additional documents, which may extend the waiting period for the NMC's PIN (the number assigned to each registered nurse).

Remember that this registration does not provide the right to work in the UK (you will need a separate application for it, and you can read more about it here and here).

While waiting for confirmation of the right to practice, it is an excellent time to asking for references from several jobs or several people. However, it must be remembered that the recommendations must include the name of the institution, the position of the person issuing the reference, e-mail and business phone number. Preparation of references will significantly speed up the efforts for a new job in the UK.

The vaccination book is another crucial matter; every potential employer will ask for a vaccination history.

What kind of education should have a nurse in the UK?

The person with certificates and diplomas in nursing can perform as a registered nurse in the UK. Similar requirements are in the Caribbean. However, the most appreciated is the bachelor's or master's degree in nursing. An additional advantage is having a specialization, which makes the nurse's career easier and allows for faster promotion. A nurse without specialization will receive the title of Registered General Nurse (after confirming the right to practice in the UK).

Where can you find employment?

Employment - depending on the qualifications (specialisation) - can be found in every state or private health facility, hospitals, outpatient clinics, private offices, social care, nursing homes, nurse training sector and unqualified medical personnel, e.g. HCA (Health Care Assistance), usually located at the hospital facility. An exciting job is to work in a team coordinating transplants in Great Britain. You can also cooperate with agencies specialising in the employment of nurses on a commissioned contract.

How much does a nurse earn in the UK?

Starting a job as a nurse in a state hospital (annual salary):

  • heath care assistant receives around 18.000 - 20.000

  • the least experienced nurse receives £21.692 - £28.180

  • team leader receives £26.041 - £34.876

  • branch manager or operating block/branch equivalent receives £31.072 - £40.0964.

Income depends on the qualifications and experience of the nurse. In private institutions, the annual wages are higher, but this is associated with more hours worked and more responsibilities.

How to start this process?

I know that now you will say: this is a long process; it does not pay off; I can not afford it; too expensive, etc... It would be better if you start thinking about the benefits that flow from this investment: you will get all the paperwork (RNG number, guarantee job in England and work permit) within 6 months, you will be registered as a nurse in the UK, you will get right job in the correct position, incurred costs are returned within a maximum of 1 month of work as a nurse in England, the right to work and live in the UK and a great future in front of you... Do you still think that it's not enough? As I mentioned earlier, our company deals with international consultancy, and we can offer you support in this matter as well. If you are afraid to start this new adventure by yourself, get in touch with us, and we will help you get through all the stages of the process. Our company will make you succeed in every field and at every stage of your life.

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