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What no one tells you about KJB International!!!

KJB - International Opportunities, Challenges and Potentialities.

KJB International is a privately held company located and registered in England, but it is expanding its operations around the world based on a well-balanced and diverse portfolio.

The company has leading positions in four areas: international career counselling, international business consulting, life coaching, as well as educational and talent advisory. Founded in 2010, the company has a history of almost ten years of success. We started our activity in the Caribbean. The initial assumption was services for the Trinidadians. However, the interest of people from the other Caribbean islands has led to our development throughout the entire Caribbean.

2019 has brought us another development opportunity, and we also offer services for Europeans and Asians (for now the only Philippines).

Our organisational culture

We want to create the immaculate value of our services and open up new international employment, business and educational opportunities. Organisational culture, purpose, vision, mission and values ​​- it all unites our diverse team, setting the framework and indicating the directions of action. The ordinary rules of conduct throughout the world have been included in a series of codes. They are a signpost for our employees in all business departments and cultural circles in which we operate.

Our goal - Creating new opportunities for personal, professional, business and educational development.

Our vision - Leading position thanks to loyalty programs.

Our mission - Serving clients all over the world as the most trusted partner with a leading position in all markets as a team working with passion, based on shared values.

Our values - Customers, employees, financial success, sustainable development, family business.


We create our future, guided by clear guidelines of the company's long-term strategy, and our approach results from vision, mission and company value.

In the 2020 perspective, as well as later, we want to provide the company with sustainable, profitable growth.

We will achieve this by responding better to the needs of our clients, increasing innovation, efficiency in operation and building loyalty among customers, employees and partners. ruIn addition, through our activities, we want to support sustainable development, strengthening our leading position in this area.

New opportunities and new challenges in English labour market.

Below are several ways to contact us:

KJB International

Landline: 0044 1733752295

WhatsApp: 0044 7305 464275

You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram...

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