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Why now is the best moment to migrate to England

Brexit closing doors for Europeans and opens the door to non-EEA countries!!!

English society, as well as politics in this country, are changing rapidly. The precarious situation of the United Kingdom associated with Brexit causes a considerable panic in the English labour market. After announcing the results of the Brexit referendum, the Europeans felt offended and began to leave the country massively and back home or move to other countries of the European Union. It means that the demand for employees from the outside is continuously increasing, and the most massive deficit is affecting the health service and nursing homes for seniors.

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The construction industry also feels Br-exit's harmful effects. It will have to face the loss of 1.5 million workers who are approaching retirement. In London, over half of the people working on construction sites come from outside the UK.

Production companies that account for 45% of British exports have already seen an outflow of workers from the EU. Two-thirds of companies in the United Kingdom admit that they employ foreigners because they lack British people who want to take vacancies. One-third of companies realize that they employ workers from all over the EU because the British do not have the appropriate qualifications.

British companies are trying to fill vacancies, the number of which is close to historical records. It shows how vital immigrants are to the British economy, and especially to the service sector.

The lack of European employees forces British employers to hire people from outside the Union. The goal chosen by them is the Caribbean and Asian where in recent months, the first job fair in Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica has already taken place. You could say that Brexit is a great opportunity and initiative for the Caribbean citizens. Currently, many people from the Caribbean and Philippines are trying to take their chances at the English labour market, mostly as: cares, care assistants, nurses, etc. (the Caribbean equivalent of geriatric nurses at every professional level).

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Will Brexit cause the British labour market to collapse? Stopping the free flow of European workers will be disastrous for the English labour market. With the entry into force of Brexit in March 2019, EU citizens will need a visa to live and work in the UK. Most Europeans will choose other EU countries, as they will be able to select one of the 27 European Union countries. The only solution for English employers will be/is to employ people from the Caribbean due to the past and present community of nations (Commonwealth realm), or Asia because of the attitude to work and the cheerful way of being.

British politicians and companies are wondering how to encourage British citizens to take on challenging jobs that foreigners have done for low wages. Even raising wages above the average for immigrants is not enough to lure for local workers. Therefore, all possibilities are open to Caribbean employees, because of the low rate in the UK will allow them to live at the highest level in their country! Just a few months of work for the lowest wage in the UK will allow the Caribbean or Asian citizens to raise their standard of living by a dozen or so rungs...

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