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Work permit and work visa in the UK

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

How Caribbean, European and Asian people can apply for a job in England? Who needs a work permit and who needs a work visa?

Many people ask these questions, but only some people know that this is a simple matter. Job opportunities in the UK are tremendous, especially for people who do not need any specific permission to work in England.

Our advisors can help you plan an international career path. The advisor takes into account the education of a given person, their interests, skills, completed training, apprenticeships, but also personal qualities, personality, and even physical features.

Europeans have the easiest way to work in the UK because they don't need to apply for a work permit or work visa (please note that there are exceptions and other regulations for some European Union countries). Probably this privilege will be changed soon because the current Brexit affair does not provide for an agreement on the free flow of employees. In turn, opens up new opportunities for the Caribbean.

Most of the Caribbean islands are English-speaking countries, some still dependent on the United Kingdom, and that only makes it easier to find a job in the UK. It does not change the fact that Caribbean citizens must obtain a work permit, that is, work visa.

It is not impossible to meet these conditions. Therefore, the best solution is to look for a job in large institutions, especially those registered as a licensed sponsor.

Asians have the worst luck in finding a job in Great Britain. They have to document their English skills, and also they need a permit, i.e. a work visa.

How to apply for a work permit/work visa?

Your potential employer will make the application in the British Home Office for the work permit. It is best to start the process at least eight weeks before you are going to begin your job. Among the necessary documents to be submitted to the Home Office is to proof of specific qualifications of the employee and confirmation of work experience at a given position.

Where to look for employment opportunities in the English labour market?

Local people and citizens of the European Union can take advantage of the most popular way of looking for a job, i.e. using the Internet. Besides, they can use other sources, such as newspapers and magazines, recruitment agencies, career fairs or Jobcentres.

For the Caribbean and Asian citizens, the most effective are consulting companies and career counsellors who help determine the path of professional development and create the right portfolio for your potential employer. KJB International conducts such services, and we can ensure proper preparation, starting from a professional CV and ending with a suitable job position in the UK. Our goal is to provide adequate support at every stage of your path to success. If you are interested in moving to the UK for profit, be sure to take advantage of the free evaluation and correction of your CV by emailing us at

Also, you will receive a tempting cooperation offer from us, where all the formalities related to getting a job in the UK will be the only part of your application, not anguish, worry, and stress.

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