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3 ways to Master satisfaction in life without breaking a sweat

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Recently, I was thinking about the principles that guide me in my life. There are many of them, and I have never written them down. Having such a "code" is a great way to organize your emotions and improve your natural self-confidence. These are the principles and laws that I try to apply in my life.

You may have the impression that this entry is a bit of coaching. Because it's a bit like that and this is one of our profession. For me, coaching is talking to myself, asking myself questions and looking for answers in my heart. I think all the time - when I was running, travelling or just relaxing - however, I rarely write down my thoughts. Learn the four basic principles that will satisfy your life in 100%:

1. Sinusoidal of life

Life is a bit like surfing: once you are on the wave and wait for it. There are times when I'm going like a storm, and my life is a sequence of uninterrupted successes. However, wit time, the wave ends, and you have to wave your hands harder to go out to the sea again and catch more waves.

We quickly see the successes of others, but we rarely see their worse time and hard work. We do not notice the path to success and the other side that only this person knows. I have already learned to accept these inferior periods. I got humbled, and I work at my own pace because I know that in a moment I will catch the wave again.

You can see the sinusoidal of life in many aspects - both in professional and personal life. Sometimes it is a great time at work or company and everything going smooth, but sometimes worse time knocking to the door. It is similar in a relationship - sometimes it is super colourful and romantic, and then there are some quarrels or problems. You have to be able to accept and deal with this challenging period.

2. Good Karma

I can not ignore it. I believe that good people are doing well. There are no spells here, and it is not a magical method, but ordinary psychology. Thinking, saying or doing bad things (e.g. for financial gain), you poison your mind. I try to live in right relationships with people I have around. I do not engage in disputes that do not concern me and do not allow any misunderstanding or impure relations. I try not to think badly about others and not judge them.

For example: when you evaluate others (e.g. in terms of appearance or education level). It makes you believe that others always assess you. As a result, when you start to worry about it, you immediately harm your self-confidence and wind up a circle that works against you.

Am I impeccably clean in this respect? Certainly not. At some point, anger and fatigue begin to accumulate in me - then I always try to go on a journey, take a break from everyday life and miss it again. I return from such trips as newborn. Sometimes, moments with "myself" help me. Some people are afraid of loneliness, and I sometimes like to be alone - watch a series, read a book, go jogging, and be only with my thoughts.

3. Being a "Long-Distance Runner."

My strength is perseverance. Whatever I do, I am aware that you have to wait for the real effects.

I do not achieve quick and spectacular successes. All the effects of my actions require time and work. It used to make me angry a long time ago, but now I understand that steady development is better than fast ones. So I try to build success on solid foundations, not fast, single shots.

4. Revelation of truths

I admire people who can express certain truths. Because since we have TV and the Internet, everyone is an expert in every field. I admire such people for their self-confidence, and the certainty of their views on Islam, refugees, the introduction of the euro, the European Union, in vitro, abortion, euthanasia or transgender people. Even more, I admire that they stick to their views with such perseverance. Moreover, although I have my own opinion on many topics, I do not need to manifest it loudly. Also, even though the Internet gives us so much freedom and information flow, it often happens that all of this is not true or far from real events.

What do we have instead? News race. Who is the first to post an article with a shocking and clickable title - usually with unpaid content. Therefore, I do not know whom to believe more and more often instead of exclamation marks; I put question marks.

All four ways result in a feeling of deep satisfaction. It takes much energy to make it happen, but it's a feeling worth every effort.

In childhood, satisfaction is natural and spontaneous; unfortunately, in adulthood, it requires more work. Of course, some achieve satisfaction in everything, and some live lives without it. Unfortunately, in the latter case, their pleasure is very random and conditioned by external factors. To their satisfaction, they lacked their control over the quality of experience and lack of recognition of achievement in everyday activities. I invite you to read and seek your way to a real sense of satisfaction.

So if you need a coach that will help you build up your satisfaction with everyday life, then please contact us. KJB International Landline: 0044 1733752295 WhatsApp: 0044 7305 464275

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