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Trini Solutions - the PROJECT that wins customers

Updated: Jun 22

"Trini Solutions" was created by Katarzyna Jeziorowska Barrington, the founder of KJB International Aid - a company based and registered in the UK. KJB International has been cooperating with companies in Trinidad for many years. We mainly represent their businesses throughout England. ​The invention of the "Trini Solutions" project was very spontaneous.

The idea was born while I was working with one of the para-athletes from Trinidad. His story was unbelievable, and I started reading about Trinidad, its traditions, lifestyle, crime rate, and talents. I was surprised by the facts about this country because Trinidad was like a paradise for me. The information I obtained presented tragic events about hopeless lifestyles, gangsters and prostitution over there.​I came up with an initiative to support this society when I found many talented people during my research.

As our company already deals with consulting, coaching and mentoring, we decided to expand our services and open new opportunities for Trinidadians in England.​ Development is one of the critical elements of the organisational culture at KJB International. A takeover of an initiative, effective action or support of others in achieving success results from our values. In our everyday work, we try to be one step ahead, which leads us to continuous improvement and development.​ The Trinidad society, joining our project, receives specialist support in knowledge about the international labour market and opportunities for expansion abroad.

After all, our experts support Trinidadians during the entire pre and post-visa process and everything in between. In this way, they can co-create, together with our experts, their career path. By joining us, they can design their development and choose one of our services to go further. ​

"Trini Solutions" is a project that shares knowledge. Our basic proposals are:

Tutoring - customer strengthens and improves their performance in a specific area of competence. The tutor's task is to get the customer to reflect through questions, honest feedback, and sharing knowledge of yourself or other people.

Coaching - the client receives the support of a specially prepared person (coach) to accelerate the pace of development and improve an action's effects. Thanks to coaching, you set more specific goals, the client optimises their activities, makes better decisions, and fully uses their natural skills.

Mentoring - in this case, the client works with a more experienced person (mentor), whose task is to discover and develop the client's potential based on his knowledge and experience.​Join or follow us and make your dreams come true. We are here to support you.

Trini Solutions

KJB International Aid

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