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Civil engineers in demand in the UK

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

The shortage occupation list shows that the UK has a high demand for overseas civil engineers. Before I describe this role, I will point out all related jobs in this occupation code. The civil engineer is also related to:

  • Building engineer

  • Highways engineer

  • Petroleum engineer

  • Public health engineer

  • Site engineer

  • Structural engineer

The civil engineer is a person who plans and designs construction objects, develops construction technology, controls and supervises the subsequent stages of construction, manages the construction of construction objects and examines and refines the construction of entire buildings or their fragments. Due to the diversity of building structures, there are several specialities in this profession, e.g. bridge construction, road and airport construction, railway construction, general construction.

The primary responsibilities of the person in this position include, among others: management, supervision and coordination of all administrative work at the construction site, management of work teams, control of timeliness and quality of work performed, preparation and storage of construction documents. An engineer with expert qualifications may act as a verifier who checks and constructively assesses the project for the correctness of technical documentation. Average salary a year £24,000 Starter to £80,000 Experienced.

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