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Emigration - meaning and purpose

The concept of emigration comes from the Latin word "emmigratio", meaning migration. It means leaving the country of your previous residence to another country.

A person leaving their home country is called an emigrant.

Along with the opposite phenomenon, i.e. immigration or emigration is part of the general phenomenon - migration.

There are many types of emigration, depending on their causes, duration, etc.

As far as the reasons are concerned, the most common ones are political (e.g. a political regime that threatens life in the home country), economic (the need to leave to look for a job), and also social (e.g. having a relationship with a foreign person). In the context of emigration, we can distinguish between permanent emigration and temporary emigration (e.g. related to seasonal work).

The most popular in KJB International Aid has become economic emigration, a type of emigration designated for a reason:

  • Looking for a better job

  • Higher pay for work

  • Enabling a higher standard of living

In recent decades, there has been an apparent increase in this type of emigration, which meant that the hitherto predominant (political) reasons for leaving had lost their importance.

Economic emigration is very popular all over the world, especially in Europe. A lot of them belong to permanent migrations. Of course, a large part is also periodic (including seasonal) migrations related to the type of work performed abroad for the period of holidays or spring harvest. Students usually use seasonal opportunities.

The main reason for emigration is low wages and low living standards in the country of origin. People are moving abroad and leaving everything behind just to raise living standards and give their loved ones a better start. A very vivid example of such a phenomenon is doctors' departures, which in recent years has been so intense that in some poorly developed countries, they simply began to be lacking. Doctors from Cuba, Turkey and Haiti are massively migrating to Great Britain or America because their skills are fully appreciated and adequately rewarded abroad.

We can say not only do doctors have many professional opportunities in Great Britain and America. Also, the entire staff working in the healthcare industry.

It is worth emphasising that economic migrations may have positive and negative sides. The positive side is undoubtedly the opportunity to gain experience and accumulate the necessary savings. At the same time, however, a person is exposed to various types of depravity, such as the lack of cultural background, a sense of isolation, separation from the family, etc.

KJB International Aid provides the best solutions for emigrants. We are the home of the experts, and we can assure you that each individual joining our project receives specialist support in the field of knowledge about the international labour market and opportunities for expansion abroad. After all, our experts provide support during the entire pre and post visa process and everything in between.

Moving to a new country is a once in a lifetime adventure. Allow a professional to take care of the procedure, so you can fully enjoy your new start.

KJB International Aid

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