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Facts about geriatric nurses!

Geriatric nurse - English equivalent of care worker, care assistant, support worker, health care assistant, nursing home assistant...

Demand in the UK for this type of positions is huge as I mentioned in my previous post here. As this is a profession with a future and this jobs requires ever time new/additional staff I decided to introduce to you the advantages and disadvantages as well as benefits and losses posed by this kind of job.

Let me start with a short presentation using the English equivalents of the profession where the Caribbean nurses could compare their professional qualifications with these in England.

Geriatric nurse (eng. care workers included care assistant, support worker, health care assistant, nursing home assistant) help vulnerable, older and disabled people to manage their daily activities and to live as independently as possible. No special qualifications or special professional experience are required for this type of work in England. However, this is not a profession for everyone, it requires certain predispositions and, above all, devotion to this type of job. In order to perform this function well, one must show self-control, but also a large dose of optimism, joy of life, inner energy and a positive attitude towards life.This work promotes resistance to stress and observations of human suffering with simultaneous sensitivity and kindness, which is essential for understanding the needs of their clients.

The advantages include the satisfaction of this job when we feel needed and helpful; when we see satisfactory results of work in: when we see the smiling face of a sick person whom we helped to wash or eat. Every carer of an elderly/disabled person derives other types of benefits from work, some people appreciate the fact that they help someone, that they are needed, others are happy that their patient/client are satisfied with them and appreciate the effort they put into care.

The big disadvantage of working as a carer is that it requires physical strength as well as mental resilience. It is often very stressful and mentally exhausting. Patience is the basis for working with infirm people. Being next to, suffering people is a huge burden, not everyone is able to see pain, illness, infirmity and disability every day, despite appearances, not everyone can help despite genuine intentions.

Incomes can be considered as satisfactory, and working conditions are usually very beneficial, as in addition to salary, there are many discounts and rebates on various types of entertainment. Most companies offer huge discounts in kindergartens and free gyms or pools. Sometimes, free or low-cost housing is offered. Night shifts, holidays, weekends are calculated at a higher rate.

  • Starter: £12,500 to £16,000

  • Experienced: £17,000 to £19,000

  • Highly Experienced: Up to £25,000

How to start the whole procedure related to employment opportunities in the UK has also been described in one of my posts here and here.

However, if you are not ready to start the formalities yourself, you can always contact us and use our services to avoid problems. We are effective in 98%...

Below are several ways to contact us:

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