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Get Your Child Benefit in Just 3 Days!

Are you tired of waiting months for your Child Benefit to come through? Well, rejoice because HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has rolled out a significant change that puts money in your hands in just three days!

Child benefit in 3 days

In a groundbreaking shift, Child Benefit claims can now be submitted online, marking the first substantial change to the process in 47 years. No more snail mail and endless waiting – a digital application is all it takes.

HMRC's Acting Director General for Transformation emphasised how this move simplifies and accelerates the entire process. "Understanding the critical role Child Benefit plays in supporting parents, we've streamlined the claim process.

Families can now apply at their convenience and expect payments in a matter of days, not months."

So, how do you jump on this speedy bandwagon? Head to the government's Child Benefit website, fill in the online form (it takes ten minutes), and voila! Your money could be in your account in just three days.

Gone are the days of enduring a 16-week wait for the initial payment. Embrace the convenience of the digital era, and let your wallet breathe a sigh of relief.

Child Benefit Online

But what's the deal with Child Benefits?

Currently, it's £24 weekly for the eldest or an only child, with £15.90 per week for any additional children. This benefit caters to individuals caring for children under 16 years of age (or up to 20 if they are in full-time education or training).

Remember, claims can be backdated for up to 12 weeks, but HMRC encourages applying ASAP to avoid missing out. And brace yourselves for an increase!

Starting in April 2024, Child Benefit rates will rise to £25.60 per week for the first child and £16.95 per week for subsequent children, responding to inflation.

For personalised advice and a faster conclusion to your claim, consider contacting KJB International Aid, specialists with 13 years of experience in UK benefits. Book your advice appointment using the banner below and make your Child Benefit journey smoother than ever!

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