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The £299 Cost of Living Payment: Who's In and Who's Out?

As the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) gears up to release the final instalment of the £900 Cost of Living payment, the anticipation among eight million households is palpable. However, amidst the excitement, it's vital to grasp that not everyone is guaranteed to receive this much-needed financial boost.

Cost of Living Crisis

Eligibility Criteria and Potential Hurdles

1. Qualifying Period Constraints

Eligibility for the £299 payment necessitates individuals to have been receiving specified benefits during the qualifying period between 13 November 2023 and 12 December 2023. Missing this timeframe could lead to exclusion from the payment, even for those with eligible benefits.

2. Nil Award Scenarios

A 'nil award,' reducing a benefit to £0 during the qualifying period, can disqualify recipients from the third Cost of Living payment. Exceptions include scenarios where deductions were made for rent, payments to landlords, or if a hardship payment was received due to financial struggles.

3. Low Tax Credits Entitlement

Individuals with Tax Credits below £26 for the tax year, often due to insufficient work hours, might miss out on the £299 payment. Emphasizing the significance of meeting the minimum working hours requirement underscores the importance of securing the Cost of Living grant.

What Are Cost of Living Payments?

The government's initiative aims to provide cash grants to households on specific benefits, such as Universal Credit and Tax Credits. Over 8 million households are expecting the £299 payment to alleviate the financial strain caused by the increasing costs of essentials.

Timeline of Payments and Previous Issuances

Preceding the £900 payment, the DWP disbursed payments of £650 in 2022, followed by Jeremy Hunt's announcement of three additional payments. The £299 payment, the third instalment for the financial year 2023/2024, is expected to be between 6 February and 22 February 2024.

Conclusion: Be Informed, Stay Prepared

As the distribution of the third and final instalment of the £900 Cost of Living payment begins, set to appear in bank accounts between 6 February and 22 February, the shadow of exclusions looms large over many families and individuals eagerly awaiting relief.

Cost of Living Payments

With the final instalment on the horizon, eligible individuals must be aware of potential pitfalls that could lead to missing out on the £299 Cost of Living payment.

Staying informed about qualifying periods, nil awards, and tax credit entitlement ensures a smoother process in securing this much-needed financial support.

For further details and updates, individuals can refer to the government website and communications from the DWP and HMRC regarding the upcoming payment.

Additionally, KJB International Aid is available to help understand entitlement. If you do not qualify for this financial booster, assistance in obtaining additional support from the UK Government is offered.

To seek support, individuals can book an advice appointment with our benefit officer and access extra financial assistance.

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