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High demands for Physical Scientists in England

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

The latest update on the Immigration Rules: shortage occupation list shows that the UK has a high demand for overseas physical scientists, but only a few particular jobs in this occupation code and different industries. The following positions in the construction-related ground engineering industry are:

  • Engineering geologists – deals primarily with research - the environment, its changes and evolution. They are aimed at preparing better plans related to regional and spatial planning, and a narrower scope also the performance, design and operation of all building structures.

  • Hydrogeologist - is a specialist in the in-depth analysis of water resources in a given area. A person employed in this capacity carried out several studies, mostly taking place in the field. The data obtained in this way, the radiologist technician, analyses and verifies with the previously obtained, working out aggregated hydrological reports concerning a given area and a given period. The necessary type of research carried out by the hydrologist is measuring the dimensions and cross-section of natural water reservoirs to determine their resources. In the case of relatively small tanks, measurements are made using traditional measuring tools, while large tanks and rivers are measured using geodetic techniques.

  • Geophysicist - deals with the study of the Earth's magnetic field, gravitational field, electromagnetic field, as well as surface zones. The geophysicist's place of work is both the office where he prepares the results of the measurements and creates the documentation, as well as the area that is the subject of these measurements and often the laboratory where he examines the samples taken to contribute to greater precision of calculations and measurements.

Also, there are professions in the oil and gas industry, but only a few occupations that are accepted on the shortage occupation list:

  • geophysicist

  • geoscientist

  • geologist

  • geochemist

  • technical services manager in the decommissioning and waste areas of the nuclear industry

  • senior resource geologist and staff geologist in the mining sector

Average salary a year £14,000 Starter to £70,000 Experienced.

As detailed in the SOC: "study relationships between matter, energy and other physical phenomena, the nature, composition and structure of the Earth and other planetary bodies and forecast weather conditions and electrical, magnetic, seismic and thermal activity."

Physics is one of the oldest natural sciences. Its purpose is to search, study and explain the laws of nature. The physicist conducts research that demonstrates the fundamental physical laws and then tries to find application for them by constructing innovative devices. Often does it with a specific application in mind and to solve a particular problem. Relationships and dependencies between the investigated relationships physicist try to capture the patterns.

Physicists usually are employed by research and development institutions of various profiles. There is also a place for them in multiple industries in large companies whose production uses the achievements of physics. Their work there may consist of either conducting research or implementing physics. Many physicists find employment in companies related to the computer industry. It is also possible to work in education, but this is associated with much lower earnings.

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