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Is emigration to the UK still profitable?

Recently, there are more and more questions about emigration and its profitability. Many people planning to go to Great Britain for work ask themselves whether this emigration is still profitable since the pound is falling or remains low level?

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to this question. It all depends on your expectations and goals. One thing is sure - if you intend to emigrate to Great Britain, it is worth making the decision as soon as possible! At present, Great Britain has a huge demand for employees, and it is in almost every industry. The workforce and labour shortages are since Great Britain has left the European Union. In turn, it opened the door to migrants from outside the EU. Emigrants from the Caribbean or Asia will benefit the most.

If you have a profession that is desirable in the labour market in the UK, and you are fluent in English, then emigration to the UK may be the best decision in your life. Otherwise, it is worth recalculating the profitability of your trip to Great Britain, and our experts will help you. It may turn out that despite higher earnings at first glance, life in the UK is not and will not be easier, so when making such an investment, think carefully and plan everything step by step.

Emigration is not the cheapest investment and may initially seem too expensive to take advantage of. However, if we consider all the benefits of emigration, you will understand that this investment is not costly. You are probably wondering now how much does it cost and how much do you have to invest? See the costs below.

If you use an advisor's services - which is advisable with such an investment - then, of course, you must add the costs associated with it. These costs depend on what service you choose. If you want the advisor to complete the entire process for you, but you have to consider higher prices. However, if you plan to hire an advisor to get involved in the pre and post visa process, the cost will be slightly lower.

The most critical costs, however, are related to the work visa fees. If your advisor selects a suitable employer for you who will offer you a letter employing you for the position, you will have to apply for a work visa. You need a certain amount for this. The first and most important expense is the visa fee, which ranges from £610 to £1408, depending on your circumstances, situation and type of employment.

In addition, you must add costs that go to the so-called insurance (healthcare surcharge), and the price is £624 per year. On top of these costs, you must bring at least £1270 with you to prove that you can support yourself until you receive your first salary. You just have to prove that you are independent.

However, it would be best to remember that the overhead costs and expenses are standard and do not necessarily apply to every migrant. These costs can be much lower if your job title is on the list of deficit occupations.

It is worth remembering here that such an investment will last for at least five years. After five years, you have the right to apply for permanent residence in the UK. This residency opens up new opportunities and a great future that could be the best adventure of your life. Although Great Britain is not one of the countries that you can call paradise, it is a land of opportunities. The crime rate here is much lower than in Asian countries or in the Caribbean. Great Britain can guarantee your children a great future and a respected and recognised education worldwide. You can just live better and get everything so much easier. Buying a car is an effortless transaction, and you don't have to save 5+ years to buy a car.

Another significant factor about being a migrant in the UK is that if you become dependent or disabled one day, you have the support of the system. The UK government cares especially for people with disabilities and provides them with living and development opportunities. In less developed countries, dependent and disabled people are practically deprived of life and normal functioning. In the UK, this is called discrimination.

The UK treats everyone equally. Even if you are in a wheelchair, you have a chance to get employment or the opportunity to participate in the Olympics if you are active. In turn, it will allow you to become someone special. Even if your abilities are not developed enough for you to take up employment, Great Britain will do everything to ensure that you have a livelihood and extend your capabilities as far as possible. Great Britain is simply open to everyone.

Following the blow, let's now talk about the minimum income you can get as a migrant worker. It will allow you to quickly calculate if the salary will somehow cover this investment and whether all this emigration will actually be profitable for you?

Any migrant working on a visa basis must earn at least the minimum wage of £10.10 an hour or a minimum of £25,600 per year. Please note that these are the minimum wages - this means that the employer cannot pay less than mentioned above.

There are also other facilities for people who do not meet the standard salary requirements and do not work in health or education. These people may still qualify for a work visa if their income is at least £20,480 per year.

One could say that thanks to the fact that Great Britain left the thresholds of the European Union, new opportunities and facilities opened up for other emigrants from all over the world. It means that emigration to Great Britain is now the same for everyone. However, please remember that there are exceptions and various difficulties after all.

We talked about the initial investment, which you must complete whether you like it or not before we emigrate to Great Britain. We also presented the minimum income obtained from working abroad. It is also worth considering the costs during our stay in the British Isles.

Of course, we have to consider the costs associated with accommodation, our temporary residence. Typically, the cost of renting a flat or house ranges from £400 to £1200 per month depending on the size of the property and the city in which the rented accommodation is located. This section also needs to add water, electricity, gas, and property tax bills (around £200 per month). There are additional bills such as the Internet, mobile and television. However, these costs are not mandatory and are more classified as entertainment and privileges.

We should also mention that some employers can offer and cover accommodation costs throughout the employee stay or for a certain period in addition to the guaranteed salary. Your employer will include this information in a letter confirming that they agree to your employment.

Therefore, if you are ready to emigrate and start your adventure without stress and worries, be sure to contact us. Our advisors have many years of experience and an extensive database that will allow us to choose the best employer for you. Don't hesitate! Going abroad for work can be a challenge, so let the professionals handle the process for you.

To start your adventure, begin by preparing documents for the recruitment process and travel. It is evident that the documents for the recruitment process are a professional CV and cover letters. On the other hand, travel documents mainly refer to the passport, and later to visa applications and the travel plan.

Remember that our company deals with each of the processes mentioned above. In addition, we can do a free evaluation of your CV and suggest what should be done to make a potential UK employer pay attention to your potential. We will prepare you for contact and interview with a potential employer. We will help you learn about all the tricks that are used during recruitment to avoid any failures.

Therefore, prepare your CV today and send it to our e-mail at, where one of our advisers will analyse all the points and suggest what can be changed or done to improve your chances.

Our job is to assist you. We are here to help.

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