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Operational consulting is the way to succeed with your business

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Operational consulting is the broadly understood simple implementation of your business everyday tasks that require proper planning. It has a shorter reference period and greater detail than the strategic management described in our previous article.

In addition, it provides the right conditions for implementing strategic assumptions based on the operational plan and enables making executive decisions at all organisational levels of the company.

Operational consulting also directly impacts the level of effectiveness of the entire organisation and is the primary sphere of the company's operations.

The operational consulting of the enterprise, conducted by the KJB International Aid experts, consists of various aspects of the company's day-to-day management. Supervising the company at the operational level is related to implementing a long-term strategy, resulting from the actions of operational managers responsible for individual units in the company.

The five pillars of operational management that we offer to our clients are:

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

  • HR (Human Resources)

  • Production management

  • Finances and accountancy for small companies only

  • Trade, Logistics and Services

The effectiveness of this type of management is influenced by the correct organisational structure, which is the result of an internal audit. The most important are well-defined and described operational processes and an operational plan that defines how to achieve goals and specific tasks. Effective operational management is one of the critical factors determining the high competitiveness of a given enterprise. Correct management activities used by the company lead to the transformation of inputs into selected products and services.

Below, you will find a few points describing everything that interferes with the proper operational management of the enterprise?

  • Inconsistency in decisions made.

  • Lack of communication between operational managers responsible for supervising individual departments

The operational consulting of the enterprise can also serve as a control coordinated with other functions. As part of the company's functional activity, the management control ensures the achievement of the main goals, including the ratio of timely deliveries, low unit costs or high product reliability.

The operational consulting of the company is controlled by several specialised techniques: the material needs planning strategy, the economic method of order quantity and statistical quality control.

The importance of operational consulting in the enterprise will increase due to increasing competition and accelerated technological progress. One should remember comprehensive action, i.e. taking into account many functions: commercial, financial, human resources and development. For operational consulting to be effective, company managers must always clearly define goals, have a holistic approach to problem-solving, have the so-called "Vision of the future", anticipate changes in the environment and quickly react to changes.

If you cannot control your company's operational management, you always have an alternative option: to use the services of KJB International Aid. The benefits of using KJB International Aid services are transforming our clients' vision into proposals for specific actions and solutions that will ultimately improve their financial results. Our primary value is the extensive experience gained in international consulting companies and practical approach to the client's necessity.

Let us help you run your business smoothly to enjoy the benefits of being a boss with a great management team and happy employees.

We are open to new challenges all the time.

Thank you for reading

KJB International Aid

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