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Household Support Fund Available till the end of March

Updated: Feb 11

As the clock ticks down, families across England are being urged to seize the opportunity to apply for the Household Support Fund – a lifeline designed to ease the financial burden caused by the cost of living crisis. With just two months remaining before the scheme concludes on March 31, now is the time to act and ensure you don't miss out on vital support.

Household Support Fund

Established in 2021, the Household Support Fund has injected much-needed assistance into the lives of millions of families grappling with the rising costs of everyday essentials. From cash payments to supermarket vouchers and free school meals, this fund has been a crucial resource during challenging times.

However, the window of opportunity is closing, and many local councils may shut down the scheme earlier if the allocated funds run out.

Therefore, it is imperative to submit your application promptly to avoid missing the chance to access financial support.

What is the Household Support Fund?

This DWP-funded initiative, totalling £842 million, was introduced to empower local councils in helping struggling households. With more than £360 million already allocated to addressing energy and water costs, the fund aims to provide targeted relief to those in need.

Each council tailors its eligibility criteria and spending plans, emphasising the importance of local understanding and responsiveness to community needs. The support, extended four times since its inception, underscores its significance in addressing the evolving challenges faced by families.

Am I eligible?

Eligibility varies depending on your council's criteria. The government emphasises assisting households in the most need, especially those who might not qualify for other available support. Criteria range from income thresholds to benefit status, varying from council to council.

To determine your eligibility, visit your council's website for specific information on the Household Support Fund offering in your area.

How do I apply?

The application process is contingent on your location and circumstances. Some councils automatically issue payments to those claiming specific benefits, while others require a formal application. Each council provides application forms and eligibility criteria on its website, making it essential to familiarise yourself with the process in your local area.

What support can I get?

Household Support Fund

The support you receive depends on your circumstances and location. Cash payments, supermarket vouchers, assistance with utility bills, and energy cost reduction are among the diverse forms of aid councils may offer.

To provide a glimpse into the potential support available, some councils are offering residents in Tandridge (Surrey) payments of either £150 or £350. In comparison, those in Waverley (Surrey) could receive a grant of up to £550. North Yorkshire Council is issuing vouchers worth £450, usable at various supermarkets, and Southampton families may receive £50 supermarket vouchers to alleviate living costs.

Don't miss out on this opportunity!

If you're uncertain about the application process or your eligibility, KJB International Aid Advisors are here to help. Book an advice appointment today to ensure you don't miss your chance to secure extra support from the UK government. Act now before the scheme concludes in March and makes the most of this crucial assistance for your family.

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